Bombay March 12 Releasing Date; Bombay March 12 on June 30

Bombay March 12 Malayalam Film on Theatres

Bombay March 12 Malayalam film starring megastar  Mammootty, will hit the theatres on June 24  June 30. The film will be a multilingual historical family drama movie. The film is a debut for the screenwriter Babu Janardhanan  as a career of director. The film is based on 1993 Bombay Blasts and it’s consequences on  3 persons. Bombay March 12  was shot simultaneously on Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu languages.

Bombay March 12 Story| Synopsis

‘Bombay March 12’ features on the real life incident- blast hit the Bombay (Mumbai) on 1993 March 12. The film depicts the consequence of this riot incident on the Bombay residents and on 3 common persons, who are not related to the blasts any way. Bombay March 12  revolves around a Hindu priest who later converts to Islam.

Story in a Nutshell

A mountain village in Hyderabad, Military personals are searching the vehicles on road. They find a crowded bus and starts searching, during search army persons finds a Hindu Priest and  gets shocked on the photos in his bag.
Veliyanadu village, Alappuzha. Sameer is a municipality worker, married to Abida. Police come in search for Sahajahan, Abida’s brother, accused in the Bombay Blasts recognize Sameer- The same priest in the bus. The Film starts its complication onwards.
Why the Priest Sandhanabhatt converts to Islam as Sameer? The film starts from here.

Bombay March 12 Film Cast & CrewBombay March 12 Mammootty

Mammootty acts as SandhanaBhatt and Sameer. Roma in the role of Abida, Unni in the role of Shajahan. Bombay March 12 film Directed, story and screenplay, conversations are done by Babu Janardhanan.

Directed by:Babu Janardhanan
Produced by:Haneef Muhamed
Written by:Babu Janardhanan
Starring:Mammootty, Roma, Krishna, Shaari, Lal, Baby Diya, Irshad, SreeRaman, Balachandran Chullikkad, Kochu Preman, Anil Murali Unni
Music by:Afzal Yusuf
Cinematography:Vipin Mohan
Editing by:Vijay Shankar
Studio:Red Rose Creations
Release date(s):June 24, 2011
Language:Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

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